Thursday, December 16, 2010

Constucted and ready for worldly interaction...

Ah, this shall be my last post on this project world, however I will continue if you do wish to follow for as long as I remember to.

So here is my final update for my project as its last days of being on display as a class project.

 These images are my field observations as I took images before or after my classes. Unfortunately I only have one image of someone moving the pieces because I have studio classes that run longer then regular classes and un-allowed me to document group interaction as those lecture classes were dismissed.

 This is the only image with student interaction I was able to catch the full week and a half my project was up on display in the main lobby of the fine art building.
The most intriguing piece of information I gained with this particular project was on more than one occasion there was two words in place where I had created only one space. What does this tell us about the way we view art? Yes everybody on the planet has their own opinion, some even become drones and repeat what was taught to them. But there are those very few that go out of their way to create something new, or different. Those are the artists who get their name in another person's conversations. Isn't that what gossip is?

Good or Bad gossip to artists are both great publicity for their artwork, do you know why? It gets an artists name out there! Not every artists creates perfect art that everybody likes every single time they pump out something new.

This art piece I've brainstormed, sketched, developed, and put together has it's own life history behind why I chose the topic "Art is ____." and let my audience answer. The history even goes beyond the time I first came up with the sketches and was even given this opportunity to create something out of a question. Perhaps many centuries philosophers have been asking that very question. I believe it is a question that will never and should never be answered, after all a question without an answer gives us as human beings more opportunities to answer for ourselves.

So go on and answer those unanswered questions, I will continue to do so speaking through my art pieces.

Till the next unanswered question...

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